Aputure LS 120D II – Case Study


The LS 120D II is the smaller model in Aputure’s latest series of point source LED units. However make no mistake, this fixture is still incredibly powerful for its size. Outputting 67,000 lux at 1m with the fresnel 2x attachment on. For ultimate convenience this lamp runs of detached controller, which can be powered off a single v-lock battery. Making this light both power efficient and easy to pull out and turn on at the last minute.

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We often use these as key/fill lights, either through a 4×4 knifeblade frame or bounced off a large white source. We also use them to achieve highlights in order to emulate the sun. 


With such a small profile this light is easy enough to put through a frame or bounce off something without taking up too much space. It’s especially useful in these scenarios but where you don’t have access to mains power. Simply slap on a v-lock and you are good to go.  


You can use the profile spot attachment or even the fresnel attachment to get a nice source of hard light out of the 120D II. This makes them an efficient replacement for a HMI in many lighting scenarios. Effectively reducing your power consumption comparatively and overall workload due to the reduced weight and the reduced amount of components required (ballast, header cable etc..). 


This is another great unit for film makers that don’t have the luxury of copious amounts of gear, or time.