Kino Flo Select LED Case Study

Kino Flo Select – Case Study


We don’t like to pick favourites … but these are definitely our favourite LED. Not the most flashy, but Kino Flo’s incredible design throughout and mindfulness for functionality, make this fixture a delight to use. They are incredibly light and the ballast can disentatch, making the fixtures easy to rig and then control. The Select LED’s have full RGB capabilities with swash books for both LEE and Rosco Gel’s presets. These are some of what we love about this light. 


We use the Kino Flo Select 20 & 30 in many different lighting scenarios. They have pre-programmed effects which are useful for fire, lightning, cop cars etc… and they’re great if you need to introduce some colour to the set. But mainly these are our go to soft light’s, for on subject lighting. 


If you can get these lights up nice and close to the subject they are a suitable soft source, and with the ability to dim steplessly all the way down to 0%, you are able to offset the intensity. However these are also great with a softbox on, bounced or through a frame.   


The select series feature both RGB capabilities and pre programmed lighting effects. We use them for fire, flashes, cop cars etc.. We also use them to wash some colour on to the background if appropriate. 


These great, high quality LED soft lights, with an incredible range of features. Smooth steeples dimming all the way down to 0. Go from icy cool daylight to super warm tungsten in very small increments.  All in all making these lights extremely versatile, while producing the highest quality lumens known to man. Maybe? You don’t know they’re not!