Custom Kits - Economy all round Kit

Custom Kits

Don't pay for stuff you won't use. We rent packages tailored to different lighting scenarios, and we're flexible. So feel free to get in touch and customise your own kit. 






Lighting Control


Power Distribution

1.2K Fresnel HMI Kit x 1
Poly Bounce Kit x 1
007 Stand x 4
10M 10amp Leads x 10
300W Tungsten Fresnel x 2
4x4 Knifeblade Frame Kit x 1
069 Stand x 1
4 Way Power Adapter x 10
650W Tungsten Fresnel x 2
3x2 Cutter x 1
C stand x 2
Titan Tubes x 2
Floppy x 1
Poly Holder x 1 
1x1 Bi Color LED Panel x 4
650W Dimmer x 2
Hollywood Clamp x 1