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Gold Coast/Brisbane Film Equipment Rental


At FGS, illuminating moving picture productions is our bread and butter. We’ve been In the photography & film equipment rental game some time now…


And we, like everyone else in the industry. Have watched the relentless demand for content, drastically reduce production budgets, crew sizes and a lot more.


So we thought we could help. Through providing photographers and film makers, no matter how adroit. Access, to easily choose from & hire a plethora of modern film lighting equipment & custom lighting kits.

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Stress Free Invoicing

The last thing we’re thinking about before a shoot is the boring stuff, like paying invoices. Thats why we’ve allowed the ability to confirm your booking, collect your order & return it. ¬†All before paying. Simply pay the invoice in the length of time specified.


Delivery & Collection

We understand how many moving parts there are to a production. If you’re short on time, or cars. Let us drop the gear off to your shoot location and pick it up when your done. Simply select the delivery option on checkout.



Why not make your hire experience even easier with after pay? Applicable on orders up to $2000.00. Simply select the ‘After pay’ option at checkout.