Astera Titan Tubes Case Study

Astera Titan Tubes – Case Study

Astera Titan Led Tube 8 Light Kit The Front Sydney AustraliaOVERVIEW

The Astera Titan Tubes are one of the most innovative lighting solutions in the digital era. Their practicality is unmatched and their list of features is quite extensive. A healthy battery life, incredible app functionality, tuneable white light with great rendering, full rgb capabilities and smooth dimming all the way down to 1%. These are some of the main features we love. 


We use these lights on damn near every shoot because they’re so versatile, they always manage to sneak somewhere into the set. Here’s a couple of ways we use them.


If you’re shooting at night, chances are you’re ISO is set pretty high. Essentially increasing the camera’s sensitivity to light. A lot of low quality LED products struggle with this scenario due to the fact that they are simply too bright, even with the lowest intensity selected. We’ve found these tubes to be an incredible soft key or fill light in these times. 


When we need police lights, paparazzi flashes, fire effects or if we just need to add some colour to the frame. These are our go to. You can set them up wherever you need easily, with their mounting hardware. Or you can just grab one and chuck it in somewhere. 


If you don’t have the luxury of carrying a truck full of gear to your next shoot. Consider renting these marvels, because you won’t need much else.